Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Homework Policy

Absence From School/Independent Study: We are required by law to secure an absence excuse from an adult when a child has been absent from school. Please call the school in the morning if your child will not be attending school. Please call 626-441-5860 and then press #1 to report absences. Regular attendance is vital to a student's success in school. The student, who is frequently absent, misses social interaction and direct instruction from his/her teachers even though written work can be made up. Any day or hour absent is a missed learning opportunity.  If your child must go out of town for five or more days, you may request that your child is signed up for an Independent Study Agreement. Please see the steps outlined below:
  1. At least a week in advance of the absence, please report to the office to sign an Independent Study form.
  2. The form will be given to the teacher in order to specify the requirements of the Independent Study contract.
  3. Ensure that your child completes the assignment and returns it to the teacher as prescribed on the form.
  4. Assignments are due when the student returns to school.
Homework Request For Illness Caused Absences: Parents may request assignments after the second day of absence by phoning the school office in the morning. Homework may be picked up at 3:00 p.m. the day of your phone call.