Monterey Hills Elementary School

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MHS Beginnings....

Monterey Hills Elementary School Welcomes You!
Literally nestled in the hills of South Pasadena, Monterey Hills Elementary School is situated in the Mid-20th Century Tract area of South Pasadena called  Altos de Monterey.  Altos de Monterey was the largest post-war single-family residential housing development built during the 1960's.  Housing was sold with most homes purchased by 1965.  Monterey Hills was built in 1967 to welcome this new community and this year celebrates it's 50th Anniversary as the 'newest' school site in South Pasadena Unified School District.
In it's early years, the school served a smaller student population built for approximately 450 students.  Beginning in 2011, we saw a steady increase of students, the number has grown to approximately 675 children.  The school serves TK-5th graders with about four classrooms per grade level.
We are proud to call ourselves a family.  We feel we epitomize the traditional 'neighborhood school':  families visiting our site on the weekends to swing and ride their bikes; opening up the campus in the evening for scout meetings; gardening and campus beautification on the weekends.   In the walls of our front office you'll find all of our Student Body Presidents' pictures.  Alumni often come and point to a friend, classmate, or even themselves as they come back for a visit.  As the smallest school in the district we enjoy hosting additional TK and K classes of students who may outnumber the space available at their home school.  Often after a year at MHS, families decide to make MHS their home and stay Roadrunners!
We are pleased to welcome you to MHS!