Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Principal's Message

August 2022



Dear MHS Families,


Welcome back to the 2022-23 school year. This year will be my 11th year at MHS, and my 17th year as an elementary school principal. You would think that after the number of years I have had this position it would be predictable, not the case! After making my way through the last three years as a principal, I have come to realize that this work is more accurately described as extraordinary.


Extraordinary! We are responsible to help develop critical thinkers, problem solvers, and empathetic scholars. We take this work seriously and constantly refine our practices to meet this obligation. At the same time, we are also mindful to stop and marvel at the joy and the hope that is found in each and every one of the students who fill our classrooms, our playgrounds, and our hearts. That is what keeps us centered: in your children, we see a better world. We look forward to continuing this quest in the upcoming school year.


As we return for the 22-23 school year, our staff will reflect upon our values of equity and inclusion; respect and responsibility; kindness and gratitude; and how these values will drive our practices to serve your children. 


Last year, we truly understood the importance of social-emotional learning (SEL) and how it was put to the test. This year we will continue to focus on the SEL of our students, with the implementation of an anti-bullying unit, classroom community activities, and the Second Step Curriculum. We know that by building language and strategy while acknowledging one’s own feelings and that of others, makes for a more thoughtful and empathetic scholar.


We learned how important it was for all students to feel seen and be heard. Last year, we built multi-cultural awareness in our students. We will continue to work towards the goal of developing equity, inclusion, and allies with our Friday Cultural Awareness Video Assemblies and heritage-centered read-alouds. Children who learn about other cultures also learn to connect the similarities and appreciate the differences found in their peers. They build communication and problem-solving skills.


Our teachers will build your children’s meaning-making strategies in reading, math, social studies, and science. We will refine the structures established last year to offer multi-tiered support with students who may need additional help and guidance from our classroom teachers, Teachers on Special Assignments, school counselor, and school psychologist. When all students feel successful and are offered rigorous instruction, they stretch beyond their comfort zone to become critical thinkers.


As our summer comes to an end, we look forward to working as a learning family to offer our students, and your children, an extraordinary year!



Laurie Narro

Dr. Narro, looking toward the future with a Roadrunner.
Photographed by Alanna Narro
(SPHS graduate, 2010)