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Principal's Message

Principal Letter to MHS Families 2019

Welcome to the 2019-20 school year!  I missed all of our students and I was very eager to get back to the work I love: serving as the principal at Monterey Hills Elementary School!


We opened the year as we always do, with our 5th grade Leadership Meeting.  On Monday, three days before the 5th graders HAVE to come back to school, a whopping 75% of the class showed up.  We set up the day to discuss the power of leadership.  We also had students engage in a number of team-building activities.  After one of the tasks, I asked the question, "What does this have to do with teamwork?"  One of our insightful 5th graders stated that he could have been at the activity all day, and even then, he might not have been able to complete it. However, with the help of his teammates, the task was easy and quick to complete.  One of our goals at MHS is to help our children understand that with the help of others, no work is too difficult.


In their future, our children will be asked to offer solutions to problems we can't even imagine.  Our goal at MHS is to help to instill in the students, that with the help of others, they can tackle any problem.  Besides developing interpersonal and problem-solving skills, we also have to build the skills of research, inquiry and critical thinking.   Our staff and faculty are eager and excited to provide these opportunities.  They are committed to the mission of Monterey Hills School: to develop responsible, independent and motivated learners. 


We are about to embark upon a new school year that will include wonderful opportunities for your child’s academic, social and emotional growth. This coming year, our teachers share in the common commitment to build the scholarship of your children.  Our teachers will focus on writing instruction, as we know this is a powerful tool for reflection, for persuasion, for expression.  Another academic focus is in the area of Science.  Half of our teachers will pilot curriculum materials designed to investigate the natural world and learn what engineers do to design and build systems. We will continue to implement the math standards and practices to ensure the attention to precision, use appropriate tools strategically and construct viable arguments.   We will also continue to use Second Step along with other social emotional curriculum, mindfulness, and restorative practices to address the needs of the whole child.


Our teachers worked very hard last year, as did our students!   One of the results?  Out of the 5,887 elementary schools in California, we were one of 35 nominations state-wide for the National Blue-Ribbon Award.  We await the results (sometime this month) but I already feel that we are worthy of this designation based on the collaborative and meaningful work of our students and our staff.  We will continue to work to prepare our children to be the leaders of tomorrow!


This is my eighth year as the principal at MHS.  I continue to feel honored to do this work and thank you for the support you offer to your children, your child's teacher and our school!  This is going to be the best year ever!!!



Laurie Narro, Ed.D.

Principal Monterey Hills Elementary School

Dr. Narro, looking toward the future with a Roadrunner.
Photographed by Alanna Narro
(SPHS graduate, 2010)
2019-2020 Welcome Back Letter from the office of the Superintendent, Dr. Yantz: