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Students » 4th & 5th Grades

4th & 5th Grades

Study Body Officers
President - Caden K.
Vice President - Lucinda E.
Secretary - Hayun Lee
SPEF Alice Wonderland
5th Grade 2019-2020 Tshirt Design
The t-shirt design contest took place in September.  Students submitted designs and voted for the design they wanted to represent this year's 5th Grade.  Students were also asked for their "autographs" for the back of their t-shirts.
2019-2020 4th & 5th Grade Teachers:
Ms. Bishop - 4th
Ms. Hooper - 4th
Ms. Salas - 4th
Ms. Thackery - 4th
Ms. Tull - 4th & 5th
Ms. Freitas - 5th
Ms. Tolleson - 5th
Ms. King - 5th
Mr. Millar - 5th