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4th & 5th Grades

Home Page – Student Council – Fort Sam Houston Elementary School
Advisor:  Mr. Ron Millar, 5th Grade Teacher
5th Grade 2020 Fall Student Council Elections Featured Photo
September 18, 2020
Please click on the following link to view and vote for the 2020-2021 Fall 5th Grade Student Council Nominees:  click here
2020 Fall Student Council Officers announced:  click here
Congratulations to:
will President:  Will E. - Ms. Freitas class
sofia Vice President:  Sofia G. - Mrs. Howards class
karina Secretary:  Karina M. - Mrs. Kings class
2020-2021 4th & 5th Grade Teachers:
Ms. Bishop - 4th
Ms. Detterich - 3rd - 5th
Ms. Salas - 4th DI
Ms. Thackery - 4th
Ms. Tull - 4th & 5th
Ms. Freitas - 5th
Ms. Foudy - 5th
Ms. King - 5th
Mr. Millar - 5th