Monterey Hills Elementary School

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4th & 5th Grades

Honorable Mentions, and 1st, 2nd, and 3 rd place winners at American Immigration Lawyers of America (AILA) Banquet celebrating their national 5th grade writing contest “ Why I am Glad America is a Nation of Immigrants “. Winners received cash prizes and gift certificates. Fifth grade, MHS students have been participating in this annual contest for 20 years.
Left to right:
Neva Musick ( 2nd)
Bella Goldman
Olive Marner
Desiana Barreras
Rena Lee
Joanna Liu
Nathan Ho
Jackson Song
Leah Fong (3rd)
Kaitlyn Nishi (1st)
5th Grade OSS (Outdoor Science School) January 23-27, 2023
Pictures from Past OSS Trips
2022-2023 SPEF Annual 5th Grade Musical
Home Page – Student Council – Fort Sam Houston Elementary School
Advisor:  Mr. Ron Millar, 5th Grade Teacher
2022-2023 Student Council Representatives:
Congratulations To our new FALL STUDENT COUNCIL REPS
President- Mazzy G.
VP- Derek C.
Secretary- Ella A.
Congratulations To our new Spring 2023 STUDENT COUNCIL REPS
President - Leah F.
Vice President - Kaitlyn N.
Secretary - Neva M.
5th Gr Band
Last class:  Tue. May 23, 2023
2020-2021 4th & 5th Grade Teachers:
Ms. Detterich - 3rd - 5th
Mr. Kim - 4th DI
Ms. Thackery - 4th
Ms. Tull - 4th & 5th
Ms. Freitas & Ms. Foudy - 5th
Ms. Howard - 5th DI
Mr. Millar - 5th
5th Graders transitioning to South Pasadena Middle School.  

Please note all files are transferred to the Middle School Automatically over the summer.  
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