Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Mission and Vision Statement


Mission Statement:

The mission of the Monterey Hills School community is to assist all students in realizing their full academic and social development potential. Student needs are met in order to develop responsible, independent and motivated learners. 

Vision Statement:

  • We want our students to feel safe, secure as well as enthusiastic and confident in who they are and what they can accomplish when at school. 
  • Students will be expected come to school ready to participate and learn, and to do their best in each learning experience provided. They will also be expected treat other students, adults, and school property with respect.
  • Students will prepare for future life situations by learning to make good choices and using refusal skills when unsafe or inappropriate situations occur. 
  • Adults working or volunteering at MHS will treat students with respect, care, fairness and with a sensitivity toward individual needs in a positive and encouraging manner. Further, adults will apply consequences for behavioral matters fairly and consistently.

As a result of attending MHS, we want students to be cooperative learners, problem solvers, to have a well-developed self-concept and be academically sound.