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Special Education

Special Education

Special Education services are available for those students with identified learning disabilities.  Students experiencing difficulty with learning tasks may need to be referred by their teacher to the SST.  Should general education interventions not provide the needed support to ensure student success, the SST team may refer the child, as appropriate, for in-depth testing to determine a potential learning disability, and possible eligibility for a specific program.  Programs at MHS include:

RESOURCE SPECIALIST PROGRAM (RSP): The Resource Program serves students needing help in an academic area as defined in their Individual Educational Plan.  Students may be out of their regular classroom for up to 49% of the day for these services, but more commonly, students are out less than 1.5 hours per day. MHS’s Resource Specialist is full-time and has a 30-hour per week instructional assistant.  Additionally the RSP teacher may supervise additional assistants who may support students in need in the general education setting.

SPEECH AND LANGUAGE THERAPY:  Our SLP works with students who need assistance with speech and language development.  This may include therapy for articulation, language delays, and/or language processing which impacts learning.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY (OT): School-based occupational therapists assist students with performing the necessary activities to participate in school activities and foster meaningful learning. A school-based occupational therapist looks at a variety of areas affected by a child’s disability such as self-care, motor function, sensory processing and awareness, oral motor function, function of the hands, visual and perceptual abilities and pre-vocational activities.

ADAPTIVE PHYSICAL EDUCATION (APE):  APE is for those students who need special instruction with large and small muscle skills. 

SPECIAL DAY CLASS (SDC): MHS houses one Special Day Classes for the District.  These classes are distinguished by the fact that there are fewer students in them, usually 10-15, who need a small-class setting all day to meet their particular educational needs as defined by their IEP.  Our SDC students integrate and participate in our general education classes at all opportunities as specified by the IEP. The SDC class has a 30-hour per week instructional assistant for the teacher as well as other assistants who aide in mainstreaming students in the general education classes.

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Jennifer Detterich: Special Education Teacher: 
Sharon Stearn:
RSP Teacher:
Marina Thompson: Counselor
Pam Hindman: OT
Ben Youngstrom: Speech
Rania Shanny: Psychologist
Akira Tajima: Adaptive PE Teacher:
Bryant Lopez:  TOSA
Dawn Bishop:  TOSA