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“A Smile Sums It Up” Math Field Day Entertains South Pasadena Elementary Students

The 27th Annual Elementary Math Field Day was held Saturday, May 12, 2018, at Marengo Elementary School. A total of 114 mathematically talented 4th and 5th grade students from Arroyo Vista, Marengo, and Monterey Hills Schools participated in the event.

Forty South Pasadena High School students wrote and conducted the field day events, which emphasized skills highlighted in the California Common Core Math Standards.  Students were challenged in Mental Math, Problem Solving, Estimation, Calculator, Math Jeopardy, Math Relay, Spatial Reasoning, and Math logic games.

South Pasadena High School seniors presented the trophies and ribbons to all students in recognition of their outstanding efforts. The seniors involved were: Ashley Gao, Bethany Chen, Caroline Liu, Jane Yang, Kate Ba, Tiffany Chen, Marta Jerebets, Drew Sevilla, Ryan Summers, Victoria Venardi, Isabel Bluml, Madeleine Wong, Andrew Wong, and Simon Stans.

Teachers Dawn Tull, Helena Yee, and Rachael Rodriguez coached and encouraged the participating students.  Marengo Principal Patricia Cheadle supervised the facilities and activities.  Principal Cheryl Busick from Arroyo Vista, and Principal Laurie Narro and Assistant Principal Jessica Zavala from Monterey Hills supported the event with their attendance and leadership. 

A generous grant by the South Pasadena Chinese-American Club helped to make this a great event. The Baking Tigers Club at SPHS, led by Jio Park, provided treats for all the students.  Walgreens of San Gabriel graciously donated supplies. 

For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, Office of the Superintendent,