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African Cook Stove Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

This past summer, we travelled to Africa.  We love seeing new lands, learning about different cultures and connecting with those who live a different life.  We find that our gratitude and compassion are enhanced by such experiences.  We want to share what we saw, learned and felt with your children who are reading buddies this year.  So, we’ve developed a plan to do just this.

We want to share Swahili vocabulary/phrases, songs and “Safari Stories with Ms. T and Ms. Z”.  Photos and videos will make it all come alive. Our tour agency (GAdventures) always includes a visit(s) to womens’ businesses/co-ops and/or local projects they support. 

On this trip we visited Amani Ya Juu, which trains women who need to support their children yet have no skilled training.  They teach them to sew high quality items and help them buy sewing machines so that they can work from home.  This non-profit organization then sells their products.

We also visited a Maasai (local tribe) village.  These tribal members live their traditional way of life herding cattle and goats.  The women build the houses which are made out of mud, manure, and straw.  The huts have wood branches for roofs.  Because cooking is done inside these huts (which have no ventilation), they develop upper respiratory disease.  The Planeterra Maasai Cook Stove project helps members purchase cook stoves with chimneys.  The cost for one is $50…families are asked to contribute $15.  Our group purchased one and watched it being installed. 

A highlight of our unit will be a fundraiser.  We will raffle off items purchased at Amani Ya Juu and donate proceeds to the cook stove project.  There’s a multiplier….GAdventures will match a donation up to $3000!

This is a hands-on experience in which your children will learn how they can make a difference in someone else’s life.  Such an experience connects us to one another – at home and far away.

We hope you will support this endeavor!

Mrs. Thackery (4th Grade) and Ms. Zelenski (2nd Grade)

Please visit to learn more about the Maasai Stove Project.




Join 1st and 4th-grade reading buddies in fundraising for the Planeterra Maasai Tribe Cookstove Project. All proceeds go towards helping members purchase cook stoves with chimneys, helping to save lives from household air pollution. Tickets are $5 each, and you will be entered to win one of these six handmade items made by Kenyan women. Winners will be announced on May 26th. To donate and enter the raffle, email [email protected] or [email protected]. Please help us advertise this fundraiser to your students and families. Let me know if you would like hard copies of this flyer for your Tuesday runner, and I’ll happily run them for you. 
 - Joline and Laurie 
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