Monterey Hills Elementary School

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CAASSPP Testing Weeks 4/25-5/13/22 (3rd - 5th Grades)

It will be a big week for our upper grade students as it is the first time for all of them to take the CAASPP.  Please partner with us and ensure your child gets plenty of sleep, has a hearty breakfast with some protein, and uses positive self- talk about the confidence they will bring to the test.  

The exam is computer adaptive, so it is built to both support and challenge the children and meet them at their instructional level.  Remind them that tests aren't meant to be easy; that they are built to make the test-taker think and apply their learning.  

Our teachers received training a couple of months ago (to remind them of the practice and training features) and last week went through some additional training to remind them about the testing protocols.  Our students have learned, from our support staff, test taking strategies as well as calming and focusing techniques.  

The testing window takes place over the next two weeks for most students, however our 5th grade classes and our Dual Immersion students 3-5th grade will test for one additional week, as our 5th graders take a Science test and our DI students take a Spanish Language test.