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Ms. Blum's - CYRM Reading Program

The California Young Reader Medal (CYRM) program is a statewide contest that encourages young people to read or listen to books being read to them for pleasure.  Since 1974, millions of California children have nominated, read, and voted for the winners of the CYRM. 

Each year, elementary school students have the chance to vote for their favorite selection in 3 different categories depending upon their grade level - picture books, picture books for older readers, and intermediate chapter books.  I like to compare this program to the "Kids Choice Awards" for books.  Students get to hear all the nomaited books - learning, enjoying, and comparing them along the way.  After viewing and listening to all the selections, they will be sent a ballot so they can vote for their personal favorite(s).  The CYRM committee collects the votes and announces the annual winners on May 1.

This has always been a popular program at our school and I encourage your students to participate.  All MHS students are invited to watch the pre-recorded videos of the notated books.  A new one will be released each Sunday beginning January 24. Then, later in the week, first through 5th graders can join me at an assigned time for a brief interactive discussion about each book.  Teachers will be sending their students an invite to join my CYRM google classroom which will include all the necessary invites, videos, and a discussion schedule and zoom link.  I encourage your students to attend live discussions to gain more information, background and perspective about the books and their authors, ask questions, or share their opinions and observations about the books.  

Remember that at the end of the program students can vote for their favorite book(s) if they are heard, watched or read all of the nominees in a particular category.  I'm looking forward to seeing students soon and sharing these fabulous books with them!