Monterey Hills Elementary School

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MHS Friday Morning Assemblies

Dear MHS Familes,

Attached please find our virtual assembly.  This and next week we are celebrating PRIDE month.  In our assembly you will find:

-a discussion with student council members on the definition of an ally and what a person can do in this role
-a reading from Mr. Hall  of the book Sparkle Boy.  This is a story in which a younger boy really likes sparkly things.  His sister gets to wear a sparkly skirt, nail polish and bracelets and  he wants to wear these items, as well. His sister objects, even though his parents and grandmother are in support.  When the boy is teased at school, his sister comes to his defense as an ally and ultimately accepts the choices he has made.
Our hope with all our assemblies this school year has been to acknowledge diversity; promote allyship; and encourage inclusivity.  We believe this video meets these goals.
Dr. Narro