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Bill Enacting Later School Start Times Signed Into Law

South Pasadena Unified School District Primed for Discussions about Implementation of New Law

            SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. (October 16, 2019) – Governor Gavin Newsom recently signed Senate Bill No. 328 into law, mandating later start times at middle schools and high schools. The bill specifies that all non-rural middle schools may not begin the regular school day before 8:00 a.m., and non-rural high schools may not begin the regular school day before 8:30 a.m.

            “South Pasadena Unified will begin logistical preparations for moving to a later start time,” said Superintendent Geoff Yantz. “There are many factors to consider as we develop the best strategies to implement successfully the later school start time.  We will work collabortively with our bargaining units, The Teachers Association of South Pasadena (TASP) and The California School Employees Association (CSEA) on this implementation.”

            The bill becomes effective on July 1, 2022, making the 2022-23 school year the first that districts must comply with the later start times. Districts may offer a “zero period” as long as it does not generate average daily attendance for purposes of computing any apportionments of state funding.

            Proponents of the bill, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, see it as a way to improve academic performance and attendance and to help reduce negative health impacts of sleep deprived students. On the flip side, many working parents are concerned about the bill’s effect on their morning commutes, specifically when they may safely drop off kids at school. Later start times also may push extracurricular activities further into the evening.

            “We will do our best to meet the needs of our community, faculty and staff within the parameters set by the State,” said Yantz.

About South Pasadena Unified School District

Established in 1886, the South Pasadena Unified School District (SPUSD) serves approximately 4,800 students within five schools including three elementary schools, one middle school and one comprehensive high school in South Pasadena, California.  Nestled in the West San Gabriel Valley, SPUSD has earned a reputation of providing high quality public education, attracting families who value challenging academic programs and outstanding teachers. Consistently recognized for superior performance, SPUSD students earn honors at the local, state and national level.  The District draws vital support from parents and community members through the South Pasadena Educational Foundation, local PTAs and booster clubs.


For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, Office of the Superintendent at [email protected].