Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Attendance & Punctuality


Attendance at school is essential for all students to receive a stellar education.  Our teachers plan lessons that are meaningful, address common core standards, and build our scholars.  Furthermore, state education funds are generally determine by ADA (average daily attendance) statistics.
Please see that your child attends school at all times.  However, if your child has had a fever with-in the last 24 hours, complains of an illness or must see a doctor please notify the office of the reason for this excused absence.  Your child may also be excused for dental appointments, appearance in court, attendance at a funeral service for an immediate family member or observance of a religious ceremony/holiday.  It is also required that you notify the attendance clerk for any reason your child is absent.
When a student is away from school for five days or more, under special circumstances, an Independent Study contract should be prearranged with the child's teacher.  The teacher will need time to prepare a packet of materials that will cover the content that the student might miss due to this absence.  Upon return to school, the student should bring completed assignments to the teacher who will return them to the office for school credit.

Students should be on time and ready to go when the bell rings at 8:10 am. Please encourage your child to be punctual and to go right to the line-up area in the morning. If you are bringing your child to school by car, please allow extra minutes as the drop-off procedure is sometimes slow in the early morning due to traffic congestion. If a student cannot reach his or her classroom by the time the second bell rings at 8:15, he or she is responsible to obtain a tardy slip from the office.
A child is marked late if s/he arrives after 8:15.  A child is marked tardy if the school arrival is between 8:15 and 8:40.  Three tardies make up a truancy.
Notifications of Tardies/Absences:
Please be advised that if your child has excessive amounts of unexcused absences and/or tardies, you will receive a notice indicating the amount of days that this has occurred.  Should there not be a reasonable explanation and the problem persists, you will be asked to meet with the school administration.