Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Media Lab/Technology

Monterey Hills School provides students with a variety of types of technology access. Our 3rd-5th grade students have Chromebook carts in their classrooms making it a 1:1 ratio of student to device.  Our 1st-2nd grade classes are outfitted with a 1.5:1 ratio of students to Chromebooks.  Our students also have access to iPads which are perfect devices for our youngest Tk/K students.  They are also used by our upper grade classrooms as they work on their Project Lead the Way Unit.
Monterey Hills also has a computer lab.  Some classrooms visit the lab once a week for 30-45 minute periods at a time, while other teachers prefer to have their 'lab-time' in the classroom with our computer lab instructional assistant, Mr. Esquival.
The lab is also used for our after-school reading intervention classes.  The technological advances in these educational programs help pin-point the exact needs of students and offer support for these specific needs.
Students are building their digital citizenry with the Common Sense curriculum. 
Students use a variety of programs including: Google Docs and Google Classroom; Accelerated Reader and Ticket to Read; and for educational supports, Read Live Naturally and Lexia.


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Safety games for different grade levels at SOS.FBI.GOV

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