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COVID Questions & Answers

First Day of School for Hybrid TK-2nd Grade Students will begin on Thursday, February 18, 2021

Dear Parents,


We are so looking forward to having our TK-2nd grade hybrid children on campus tomorrow.  The teachers, the front office staff, the custodial staff, our new support staff and I are ready to greet them, masks on, with huge smiles on our faces!


We know that for our littlest ones, this might be their first time on campus! Our Tk and K students are all located very close to the Tk/K playground and bathrooms, but there will be plenty of adults around to help guide them in and out of class.  Our 1st graders will be excited to play on the upper grade playground! There too, we will have adults helping students play safely and helping them make their way to and from class.  As for our 2nd graders, we expect that the memories of school will rush back.  Soon, our children will feel very comfortable at their school and any new practices will be second nature.


Before you leave the house. . . . . .

Remember to do your child’s health check-in.  Be prepared to show your positive check-in screen or printout at the gate!

You and your child need to be properly masked.

Make sure your child has a refillable water bottle labeled with their name, two extra masks inside a zip lock bag labeled with their name, and a small snack.


When you arrive at school. . . . .


We encourage you to walk your child to school.  If you can’t walk to school, park and walk your child to their designated gate. Students may arrive up to 10 minutes before class starts.




​Gate A (by the office) ​

8:00 K-----Ms. Torres (K2) (may arrive at 7:50)

8:10 1st---Ms. Zelenski (rm. 5) (may arrive at 8:00) &11:40 (may arrive at 11:30)

8:10 2nd--Ms. Ellis (rm. 7) (may arrive at 8:00)

11:45 K----Ms. Marin (rm. 4) (may arrive at 11:35)

Gate B (by Gate A)

​8:00 Tk/K--Mr. Hall (K3) (may arrive at 7:50)

8:10 2nd---Mrs. Sandoval (rm. 17) (may arrive at 8:00)

8:10 2nd--Mrs. Owens (rm. 18) (may arrive at 8:00)& 11:40 (may arrive at 11:30)

11:45 Kinder--Ms. Zimmer (rm 19) (may arrive at 11:35)


Gate C (by rm. 12)

8:10 First------Mrs. Chu (rm. 20) (may arrive at 8:00)

11:40 First----Mrs. Reyes (rm. 21) (may arrive at 11:30)

Line up with your child at their designated gate maintaining 6 feet distance from others.


Dismissal . . . . . . . 

Meet your child at their designated dismissal gate (same as arrival gate) with a sign/piece of paper that has your child’s first and last name written in large letters.


Thank you for all of your support and patience. I have never had to 'reopen' a school before but feel so fortunate to have had the support of the community.


We are a learning family,

Laurie Narro

Proud MHS Principal


Please read the MHS Re-opening Playbook for February 2021 & the Welcome Back Video by Principal Dr. Narro and students.
All students and staff are required to SIGN-IN DAILY before entering the campus using this specific MHS QR code.  Students will need to bring a printout showing they have completed the screening or parents will need to show proof on their phones.
Don't have your phone, Click Here for the Daily Check-In Link
You can also take a snapshot and show it to the gate staff. 


Daily Health Screen Procedure Video, Please watch this video on how to do the Daily Screening.
Important Tips:
  • The health screening must be done on the day students are physically coming to school. It must be done daily prior to arrival as the responses are time stamped. ● Scan the QR code specific to your school to launch the screening – do not take a picture. 
  • If the camera doesn’t recognize the QR code, then use the URL listed. You can bookmark this URL to make it easier. Only scan in on the days you are physically coming to the school/facility.
  • Please enter the student’s name, NOT the parent’s name. 
  • Under “Company”, please write the student’s GRADE. 
  • Students and visitors will be required to show proof of screening completion (with a Green/"OK" result) upon entering the school/facility.
  • Please show us the green “OK” at the gate, either on your phone or a printout if you did it on a PC. It will make things run more smoothly, and students will be able to enter more quickly. 
  • If you/your child does not pass the check-in (Red/"STOP" result), then you must stay home or leave immediately if you completed the screening at the site. Please expect to be contacted by a SPUSD health clerk with follow-up questions that same day. If you answered a question in error and received an incorrect red STOP notification, then contact the school health clerk immediately to report the error.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
Abby Silver, MSN, RN, ACNP-BC
District Nurse / South Pasadena Unified School District
This is what should be presented daily either on your phone or on a print out.
Pandemic Resource Guide for SPUSD Families provided by the AV PTA in 4 languages: