Monterey Hills Elementary School

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Copy of School Safety

All of the schools in California are required to design and update a safety plan.  This plan describes our preparation, practice drills and roles and responsibilities of all staff members in the event of an emergency.  The plan is reviewed annually with the teachers, our School Site Council and at a PTA meeting.  Besides these preparations, on a daily basis, our school adheres to three rules, one of which is to:  Be Safe.  To learn more about this plan, please click the following link:
School Safety
Our teachers and students must be prepared in the event that there is an unwanted intruder on our campus and the school must go into a lock-down.  Our students practice a lock-down drill twice during the school year.  Additionally, teachers throughout the school district, share the same presentation to our students at the beginning of each school year.  See below, to learn more.
Safety Drills
Drills and and safety plans help in our preparation of our students for unforeseen emergencies.  In addition, MHS follows protocols set by SPUSD School Board Policy around a variety of student health and well-being issues.  For more information, please click the following link:
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